National Putative Fathers Registry

This is the Unofficial national putative fathers registry. Legal forms are also available for download. Currently, only about half of states have a putative fathers registry. In the others, an expecting father can file an affidavit claiming to be the father.

I'm going to pool the efforts of others who believe in Fathers Rights, and in a childs right to their father, and hopefully we can get the national and state governments to participate in an official national putative fathers registry. It needs to be federal law.

Until then, we will do all we can. Register Here in the 'Unofficial' National Putative Fathers Registry. After registering with the database, we'll give you a download of the documents you need to file as putative father in each of the fifty states.

Adoption agencies, lawyers, attorneys, and agents of the Departments of Vital Statistics may Search our database using the mothers name. Hope this helps.

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